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Add transparency to your project by letting ContractWolf test and audit vulnerabilities and errors to your smart contract's Solidity code. Let your users and investors know that your smart contract is transparent and secured.
Security Services


Know the security flaws and vulnerability of your code
Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Your code and it's tests result are safe with ContractWolf
Industry Certified

Solidity Certified

We specialize in Solidity language which all of the known smart contract uses
KYC/Doxxing service

KYC service on ContractWolf

Your project with an anonymous team can rest easy with our private KYC/Doxxing service.
Let your investors know your team while anonymous are privately documented by an Audit Company.
All will be confidential and hidden to ContractWolf
High Quality Service

Trust and Security

Provides Trust and security to your investors.

Effective Protection

Effective Protection

Your team's private document are secured.

Our Services

What We Offer

Network Security

Network Security

Your project's smart contract code is our top priority

Database Security

Database Security

Do you have database model for your blockchain? we got you as well!

Web Security

Web Security

We can run https and port security tests to your web3 dapp

Locker Security

Bug findings

We recommend hot fixes to your dev team

Data Security

Data Security

whatever your results are is safe with us.

Cloud Security

High Quality

High quality audit service consisting with SWC attack test


General Question

First we run a raw audit then security tests, if by any chance we found some critical issues to the code, we will let the Client know as soon as possible in order for them to revise and change the line(s) which would be considered a security threat. We would be suggesting a fix for every high alert issues. On the other hand, if we find no critical issues from the clients smart contract code, we will mark it as passed with important notes and comments.
Yes we will, its a charge-free re-audit for our clients. it is very important to us that the project success comes with its code's transparency.
Yes, You can publish our audit report in order for your project investors and users to know that your smart contract is audited.
The price of the contract may depend on its complexity, DM us for a quote at telegram for a quicker response Telegram
All of minor and major contract function flaws as well as SWC
Smart Contract Weakness Classification and Test Cases

1. Unencrypted Private Data On-Chain
2. Code With No Effects
3. Message call with hardcoded gas amount
4. Hash Collisions With Multiple Variable Length Arguments
5. Unexpected Ether balance
6. Presence of unused variables
7. Right-To-Left-Override control character (U+202E)
8. Typographical Error
9. DoS With Block Gas Limit
10. Arbitrary Jump with Function Type Variable
11. Insufficient Gas Griefing
12. Incorrect Inheritance Order
13. Write to Arbitrary Storage Location
14. Requirement Violation
15. Lack of Proper Signature Verification
16. Missing Protection against Signature Replay Attacks
17. Weak Sources of Randomness from Chain Attributes
18. Shadowing State Variables
19. Incorrect Constructor Name
20. Signature Malleability
21. Block values as a proxy for time
22. Authorization through tx.origin
23. Transaction Order Dependence
24. DoS with Failed Call
25. Delegatecall to Untrusted Callee
26. Use of Deprecated Solidity Functions
27. Assert Violation
28. Uninitialized Storage Pointer
29. State Variable Default Visibility
30. Reentrancy
31. Unprotected SELFDESTRUCT Instruction
32. Unprotected Ether Withdrawal
33. Unchecked Call Return Value
34. Floating Pragma
35. Outdated Compiler Version
36. Integer Overflow and Underflow
37. Function Default Visibility
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